How to Maximize Your Settlement in a Personal Injury Case 

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If you have recently been injured or in an accident, the most important plan of action to take is to file or open a personal injury claim with the at-fault insurance carrier. You may think that is all you have to do, and the professionals will take care of the rest, but that is not always the case. If you want to receive the highest compensation possible to take care of the incurred expenses and the damages sustained, there is plenty you can do on your part, as well. Before you decide to step in and direct the way in which the claim is moving, it is important to understand which aspects of a personal injury case are in your control and which are not. We are here to provide you with a brief overview.  

Refrain from Social Media 

By actively posting on social media, you may give off the impression that you are completely fine and doing well in terms of your health and injuries. Because social media is public, almost anyone can access what exactly you are posting. It is best to refrain from posting on social media. Even if you have a private account, it may later become discoverable and entered into evidence. So be extra careful what you post.

Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute to File a Claim

It has always been said that no matter what kind of claim you are filing, it is crucial that you file it as soon as possible. After an injury, you actually have time limits to file to your case. You may not be able to recover any sort of compensation if you fail to meet the time limits. 

Make a Good First Impression

The at-fault party’s side will base their defense on many factors, including your injuries as well as how professional and amicable you are throughout the legal process. A jury will take note of what exactly they see and hear. As such, it is your responsibility to put your best foot forward. Try your best to polite and respectful at all times. We understand tempers can flare, especially after you have been injured due to another’s carelessness and negligence. It is critical, however, to maintain a cool head during the legal proceedings. 

Provide All Medical Documentation

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind. One document out of many can either make or break your case. It is vitally important that you provide all medical documents specifying your injuries, medications, and therapies or treatments, in order to allow the jury to analyze and consider all the documents into account. Your doctors will write or record almost everything you tell them, so do not be afraid to go into detail. After an injury, it is extremely necessary for you to be upfront, open and honest with all medical professionals.

Follow All Treatment Plans Prescribed by Medical Professionals 

If your doctor has prescribed therapy or several sessions of treatment, you absolutely should go to all of them, or at least until you feel better again. By doing so, you can compile receipts and documentation stating that you are doing everything you can to properly heal from your injuries. This can also show the jury how serious you are about coming up from your injuries. 

Build Up Your Case

You can easily build up your case by providing additional forms of evidence, such as compiling photos of the accident, requesting records, bringing in witnesses, and so much more. In many situations, providing a strong case with plenty of evidence will likely help the jury to understand what you went through and experience the pain you felt. A strong case with weak or lacking evidence is a weak or minimal case to a jury. You must do everything you can to document how the incident has affected your life.  

Suggest an Amount You Think is Fair 

If the insurance adjuster offers a number that you feel is not sufficient to cover your costs of treatment, medical bills, and pain and suffering – do not hesitate to suggest a higher amount. You can do so by going over your records and adding up how much it cost to tend to all damages, as well as explaining how your life changed after the incident. From there, you can gain a solid idea of how much compensation you believe you deserve. 

Mention the Possibility of Future Damages 

You may heal from your injuries now, but if you were involved in an accident that may have an impact later on in the future, it is crucial that you make note of that. You can definitely include the possibility of future damages in your claim. You can do so by working with medical professionals that provide the explanation for future damages caused by the accident. Often, this is called a future care letter or disability rating. 

Never Settle Too Quickly 

Above all and most importantly, you never want to settle too fast or agree to the immediate compensation the defendant is offering. If you feel a jury could provide more by taking the time to really dive into your case, then go with your gut. You want to receive the maximum compensation based on your personal injuries and life experiences. Do not sign your rights away until you are absolutely certain of your personal damages. It can take months or years for a personal injury case to settle; by being patient and waiting it out, you are more inclined to receive a higher and more justified compensation. 

Allow Our Attorneys to Help 

The professionals at Smith, Alston, Darner, & Lee are here to guide the way. We will work hard to help you achieve the results you are looking for in your personal injury case. Contact us today to learn more about how we can get started with your case.

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