Common Causes of Car Accidents: Looking at The Facts 

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As the old adage goes, driving is a privilege, not a right. We’re sure you have heard that before, but restating it has become a necessity. It’s easy to become distracted and even reckless on the road, but the repercussions are never worthwhile. Some of the smallest things can cause an accident. From there, you’ll have to worry about repairs and staying in contact with the second party. 

Accidents happen every day, but why is that? What exactly is causing all these accidents? Let’s look at the leading factors of everyday car accidents.  

Being Easily Distracted 

Whenever you’re driving, you must give the road and those around you your full attention. Even simply looking away for a second to change the music on your phone can lead to an accident that could have easily been avoided. The same applies to putting on makeup, eating and drinking in the car, and any other attention-stealing activity.

Aggressive Driving or “Road Rage” 

When you’re on the road, you have to stay calm. Many drivers have found themselves in dangerous situations where other drivers speed, tailgate, or threaten to hit them with their vehicle out of anger. It is best to ignore people like this on the road to avoid accidents and distraction. 

Rain or Inclement Weather

Some drivers, depending on where they live, might not be used to driving around in rain, snow, sleet, or on slippery roads. Skidding can happen as a result and lead to an even bigger accident. It is important to drive slow and be calm during these instances.

Running Red Lights

When you run a red light, you run the risk of hitting someone or someone hitting you. These traffic lights are there for a reason. Even if it seems that there are no other cars around, you must stop when approaching a red light. There is never a good enough excuse for running a red light. 


Speeding has always been a leading cause of accidents. Sometimes, drivers may not anticipate how slow others are driving; as such, they end up hitting them or colliding with several other vehicles. It can be tempting to speed when you are running late, but it can cause serious damages. 

Driving at Night 

This is of considerable concern, especially for those who may be visually impaired. With the lack of sunlight, it can be hard to see clearly at night. While driving at night, it is crucial for you to stay completely alert and for your headlights to be on at all times. 

Drugs or Alcohol

Another obvious factor; being under the influence of drugs or alcohol can cause people to drive recklessly and dangerously. Drugs or alcohol are some of the deadliest factors when it comes to car accidents. If you’ve had too much, always call someone to come get you. When you drive under the influence, you put others at risk too. 

Tire Blowouts 

This one can be out of our control. Tire blowouts can happen randomly. They can be caused by potholes, nails, sharp objects, or anything else that can pierce a tire. When your tire blows out, it is best to slow down, pull over, and remain calm as you wait for assistance. 

Animal Crossings 

The more we build and expand, the more we take up the homes of the animals that surround us. This happens the most on highways. Deers are some of the animals that most drivers encounter. Hitting a deer can cause serious damage to the vehicle. This can also happen at night, which is why it is best to have your high beams on. 

Drowsy Driving 

If you are feeling too tired or fatigued while driving, you are highly advised to pull over. This often happens with truck drivers. We understand that you might have places to go and jobs to do, but taking the risk can put you and others in danger. Get adequate sleep before driving. 

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